Artist of the Week - Elly Lucas

Monday 10 June 2019

Our Artist of the Week is the amazingly talented Elly Lucas. Elly has been working with us on the Modern Fairies project since we first went to the Sage in January 2019 to begin rehearsals for what became the public performances in April. Given backstage and behind-the-scenes access to the artists and performances, Elly has beautifully captured the ephemeral magic of the artists both creating and performing the work that was the final product of this stage of the Modern Fairies project.

Elly is a creative freelance photographer and designer based in Sheffield, England. Specialising in portraiture, her work has been described as ethereal, folksy and, to her delight, “like waking up and remembering the last fragments of your most beautiful dreams”.

Spurred on by her fascination with people and nature, Elly takes great joy in capturing her subjects with imagination and personality. Alongside the creation of the photos and/or artwork for more than eighty releases on the music scene to date, Elly's eye for detail has also led to her imagery being featured in a wide range of international media and a variety of brand collaborations - as well as appearing in an exhibition on the walls of the Royal Albert Hall.

When she's not working with visuals, Elly continues her passion for making music. She's previously been a finalist in the BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Awards and is currently working on two new projects.

We've included a great selection of Elly's pictures here to give you an insider's view into the Modern Fairies project. We hope you like them!

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