Modern Fairies Gatherings at The Sage, Gateshead

Tuesday 12 May 2020

Time stamps in the video:

01.00: Calling On Song (Fay, song)

2.46: Come away, come away (Terri, prose)

4.44: We Dance to An Other Tempo (Patience & Inge, arranged poem)

8.58: Fairies and music (Terri, prose)

11.30: Descendant Interview (Terri, wax cylinder prose)

17.00: Green Children (Marry, song)

19.00: Selkies (Lucy et al, podcast)

25.40: ‘Glitches’ (Sarah, poem)

26.50: Sleeper (Ewan, song)

31.00 War of the Fairies (Ben, theatre)

49.16: Herla (Marry, song)

52.22: The thing you need to know, child (Terri, prose).

54.03: Wood and Blood (Inge)

58.48: Double (Patience & Ben, arranged poem)

1: 01.10: Of Land and Story (Ewan; film)

1: 09.30: Hare Stories (Inge et al, podcast)

1: 10.22: When She Comes (Fay and Sarah, song)

1: 18.19: Hare Spell (Fay, song)

1: 22:00: Once upon on a time. (Omnes, song)

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